Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Alutiiq Language: History, Study, and Survival

Counceller L. April, (2008). The Alutiiq Language: History, Study, and Survival: Kodiak: Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository.

April L. Counceller explains that the Aluutiq language has made it's presence to the local medias of the Kodiak communities. the Aluutiq Word of the Week program is a program providing information about the language to the world. it's purpose is to raise awareness to outside communities of the Aluutiq language and so far, has become a success in appearing in the Aluutiq museum and public radios. However, the knowledge of tha language itself is vague Many names have been used to refer to the Aluutiq people such as Aleut, Sugpiaq, or Qiq'rtarmiuq (island dweller). While one would be more popular in another area, these terms are interchangebly used throughout the regions. Although some may consider them to be equally varied, all agree that it's name is more meaningful than just a term, a group, a background, but is personal and needs to remain unjudgmental by outsiders.


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