Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alaska Science: Camps, Fairs and Experiments

Dick, A. (2004). Alaska Science: Camps, Fairs and Experiments. Fairbanks: Alaska Native Knowledge Network.

The significane of this chapter in Alaska Science: Camps, Fairs and Experiments explains the methods used to teach students about Alaskan native cultures involoving extensive interactions and hands-on projects. Rather than assigning a relevant book related to the subject, instructors have developed learning environments outside of a classroom setting. These settings are set up as camps throughout the region inviting and accepting students who want to learn actual first-hand traditonal experiences. There are 3 types of camps, Immersion camps in which the Native language is only and prodominately spoken. Language camps, instructors and elders teaching the Native language. English-Speaking camps, which is basically self-explanatory, involves the English language because of the diversity and dialects represented in the camp. Although not much is said in this portion of the book, it is quite thoughtful for someone to dwell on the subject of education of indigenous knowledge.

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Excellent annotated bibliographic entry!